Leo Robert Tremblay

Passed away peacefully May 21, 2014 at Ridge Meadows Hospital. He is survived by his wife Cheryl and family.
A Memorial Service will be held on Monday, May 26 at 2:00pm at Garden Hill Funeral Chapel, 11765 224th Street, Maple Ridge.

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  1. http://Mike%20and%20Debbie%20Lavigne

    Dear Cheryl and family:

    It was with great sadness that I heard of your loss. My condolences and sincerest heartfelt wishes to you and yours in your time of sorrow. May your memories carry you through this hard and trying time.
    It is with great fondness that I remember Leo and the good times that we all had. Many times we enjoyed having both you and Leo visit and share our stories.

  2. http://Alex%20&%20Wendy%20Tremblay

    It’s sad that someone so wonderful was taken so soon. We were looking forward to spending many years together. We always had such wonderful times together.
    Leo was so extraordinary. If you needed Leo’s help he was always there for you. He loved his family, friends (and pets) with a whole heart. We already miss him so much.

  3. http://Cheryl%20Tremblay%20(The%20Wife)

    I lost the kindest, most gentlest man in the world. He was my rock, he was my saviour. He meant everything to me. My life will never be the same without “MY LEO”
    The world was a better place when he was on this earth. I will treasure all the memories and the many years we spent together which to me was not enough. We were suppose to grow old together, but it just wasn’t meant to be… Rest in peace “MY HUSBAND”
    My Love forever, Till we meet again, Cheryl

  4. http://Delia%20Lavigne%20(Sister)

    This is still unbelievable to me that my brother Leo has left us. I remember Leo as the sweetest man I knew, always a ready smile on his face, there to help anyone who needed his assistance. It didn’t matter who you were, where you came from. Leo was there, not afraid to get dirty working in a car or under it to get you on your way again. He would call me many times out of the blue, no special reason just to chat and catch up on what was happening in our lives. (as family meant everything to him). He and Cheryl would always call me on my birthday and sing “the Happy Birthday Song”. They never forgot. it was super special.
    What people may not know is both Leo and Cheryl not only gave of their time to help out friends and strangers, but they gave of their lives for their family.
    When my son Dustin turned twelve, he was getting to be quite a handful for Mike and I. We struggled to get help for him, Leo and Cheryl stepped up and took Dustin under their wings for a year. With this special care and Love, Dustin florished into the man he is today. A bodybuilder who is very disciplined in what he wishes to achieve in life. He often speaks fondly about his time with his uncle and aunt.
    Leo and Cheryl not only opened their home and heart to Dustin but they did this to friend’s kids and their grandson Matthew, which Cheryl continues to this day.
    Another big thing in their lives was animals. Cats, Dogs…. whichever needed a home, was ill or lonely, they found love and compassion from these two wonderful people….
    What can I say but that Leo will be forever missed by myself and my children who dearly loved their uncle. I will always keep his memory close to my heart and I will find him in other kind people I may meet… this will warm my heart… because to me Leo is all around us, in beautiful flowers, little baby animals, kind people, the sunshine on my face…. Leo’s spirit will never leave me:)

  5. http://Danielle%20Tremblay

    My Father, was like no other. He was and always will be a true hero, he was there for anyone in need, kind compassionate and above all, honest. No amount of words can express what we have lost in him. My soul has lost the greatest part of me, he shall forever live on through me. He taught me to love, to forgive, to move on and to be kind and strong. My dad was and shall always be an inspiration. I am the sparkle in his eye and will be till the day I die.

    Do good deeds, helping those that cannot help themselves, loving unconditionally . This is how my father was, I am forever blessed, not only to have had an exceptional father, but to also have an exceptional family. I love you all.

  6. http://Ron%20Walsh

    Very sad to hear of Leo’s passing. He was always there for anyone who needed his help. A truly great trait to have in this modern world where everyone is always busy. Will remember him with great fondness. My condolences to you Cheryl, and family.

  7. http://Rich%20Wynn

    So sorry for your loss of such a wonderful man.
    Sorry I couldn’t make the service Cheryl, Ron and I will come see you soon!
    Whenever I see a man with a shorty cap I will always think of Leo.
    Hugs, Rich

  8. http://Dave%20syms

    What a great man Leo was he showed us all how we should live. He never judged always there reaching out a helping hand. I as well as others am a better person from knowing him.

    Dave Syms

  9. http://Brian%20&%20Betty%20Daradics

    I am so sorry too hear of your loss. I know this is late, but I just found out. I hope you are finding your way through your loss. We wish you well and our hearts go out too you.

  10. http://Brian%20&%20Betty%20Daradics

    Cheryl, I am so sorry too hear of your loss. I know this is late, but we just found out. Our heart goes out to you and family. I hope as time goes on, you are coming too terms with your loss. We are thinking of you………………

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