Full Funeral Service

The ceremony can be held in our comfortable up-to-date facility with the availability of our fully catered reception room. Our facility has a built in audio / video projection system and we can create a video tribute which adds a personal touch to each individual ceremony. (Click here to view video sample)

The ceremony can be held in your church or other location, such as a community centre. The location can be up to the family, keeping in mind the number of people expected to attend. This ceremony would conclude with the burial or cremation.

The ceremony can be conducted by a minister or pastor as selected by the family or recommended by the funeral director. In many cases the ceremony can be conducted by a family friend or a neutral master of ceremonies with family and friends assisting with such tasks as a eulogy, reading of a scripture verse, a poem, or the singing of a song. Churches and the funeral home can also provide musicians if desired.

The casket can be opened or closed before during or after the ceremony. Some churches and clergy prefer to have the casket closed during the ceremony. Very often a time is set up prior to the ceremony for either family or friends to view and have a private time to say good-bye. A viewing or visitation is a way to acknowledge that the death has occurred and can create closure of a life and a starting point of walking through the steps of grief. (Viewing is a very personal decision and should be left up to the individual.)

Funeral services can be held for anyone, no matter what the person’s beliefs or ideas may be. The deceased did not have to have been attending a church to have a funeral service.