Basic Cremation Service

About 80% of the deaths that occur in British Columbia end with cremation. Across Canada earth burial is still the chosen means of disposition by the majority of families. Even in B.C. with the higher number of people choosing cremation, many are unaware of the options they have, such as types of ceremonies /services that are available. E.g. What types of containers are required? What type of memorials / final resting places are available and where can it occur?

It is often found that many people decide on cremation with very little information they may have heard from friends or seen on television.

Cremation is only one process in a series of events that will take place. The actual cremation process takes 2-3 hours for the body to be transformed by intense heat. The body is reduced to small skeletal fragments, not ashes, as some people think. Following this process the fragments are cooled and then processed to their final reduced consistency. The cremated remains (about 2 kilograms / 5 pounds and 3 liters / ¾ of a gallon) are then placed in a container called an urn. This urn can vary from a cardboard box to many different container materials such as wood, metal, marble, ceramic, or plastic.